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I am a graduate in Comupter Science and have a strong grasp of coding, developing and building digitial assets.



I know to a good extent what is possible and what is not, what is a waste of money or can actually help you profit.


I was an undiagnosed child with depression and incredible anxiety from when I can remember, aged 12 or so. To this day I have no reason why depression tackled me, but it did.


I was a very strong athlete in a rather small high school, but I believe the accolades are just as great when you’re used to perform in front of any sized goup of people, with whom you were accustomed to.


Something strage happenened though, at age around 14. I ws too anxious to comete in gymnstics and athletics, my favourite sports at the time. Again, I was a strong gymnast and really good track athlete.


But many nights before meets I would be nauseated, unable to eat and unable to sleep. If my discipline was called at 4pm, my stomach would still be empty. Fast forward 30 years and to this day I suffer from crippling anxiety and severe depression.

I just found as my friend call it, the “pseudopsciciatry” and “reppetitive psychology” where the same questions are asked and the same recommendation passed on to the psychiatrist. Please note, I am not a trained professional. If you are on medication like me, hold on to that.  


But be aware that there is an alternative medication…or rather an acillary to it that gives you life, let’s you experience life and finally know how to love. That was the hardest part for me. Not feeling guilt, shame or sympathy because of the medication.


I spent years, just as I did educating myself, with my head bowed to the laptop screen, knowing I wouldn’t ever be able to function as a boyfriend, husband or father.


My career suffered for age 25  yeas and regadless of my intellect, I could not hold a job, much less one that pays what I deserved.


Why would I do what I seemingly hate, being around strangers, you might ask? Because I have knowledge of the industry, I enjoy meeting people and I love it when we can stand back and admire what we’ve achieved.